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DELOS Researcher Exchange Program

The exchange of researchers between organizations working on joint projects is certainly one of the most effective ways to achieve integration of the working teams and exchange of skills and results. To facilitate the implementation of such exchange programs, DELOS is providing some funding to cover the additional expenses that might be required for the exchange.

In order to take advantage of this opportunity, the following steps have to be performed:

  1. the sending organization will agree with the receiving organization the purpose and the duration of the visit ;
  2. the sending organization will send a request for support to its cluster coordinator, specifying the duration and the expected results of the visit (one or two pages at most), and attaching the agreement of the receiving partner;
  3. the cluster coordinator will estimate the relevance of the visit for the Joint Program of Activities and, if in agreement, will forward the request to the Scientific Board;
  4. the Scientific Board will approve the request (or reject with motivations) within two weeks from receipt of the request;
  5. the visiting researcher will start the visit within one month from approval;
  6. at the end of the visit, the visiting researcher will send a brief report of the results achieved to the his/her cluster coordinator;
  7. the visiting researcher will request reimbursement from ERCIM, following the ERCIM rules.

Although the Researcher Exchange Program is mainly intended to facilitate integration among DELOS members, the DELOS contribution can be granted also in cases where the sending organization is not a DELOS member (the receiving organization has to be a member). Of course, also in this case the purpose of the visit has to be relevant to the DELOS Program of Activities (see "Work Programme" on this site).
If you are not a DELOS member, and are interested in participating to the DELOS activities, either through the Researcher Exchange Program, or through joint research, please send a proposal for cooperation to the chair of the DELOS Scientific Board, Dr. Costantino Thanos (

Further information on the DELOS Researcher Exchange Program can be found in the official guidelines [pdf].

Researcher Exchanges in 2004

The following seven exchanges have been approved during 2004

  1. Carlo Meghini, CNR ISTI. Visited ICS FORTH.
  2. Georgia Koutrika, University of Athens. Visited MUSIC.
  3. Enrico Bertini, University of Roma. Visited CWI, cf. proposal of exchange [pdf].
  4. Harald Krottmaier, IICM, University of Technology, Graz. Visited ETHZ, cf. proposal of exchange [pdf].
  5. Giuseppe Amato, CNR ISTI. Visited Masaryk University of Brno.
  6. Ludger Bischofs, OFFIS. Visited UMIT, cf. proposal of exchange [pdf].
  7. Marco Degemmis, University of Bari. Visited Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft IPSI, cf. proposal of exchange [pdf].

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