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Audio-visual and non-traditional objects (WP3)

Cluster home page

Audio/visual and non-traditional objects

Cluster objectives

Digital libraries will capture, organize, store and manage the access to large amounts of digital information regarding human knowledge, culture, and history in various, possibly interconnected, presentation forms like video, audio, images, etc. The objectives of this cluster are to establish a common ground of knowledge for European researchers about the state of the art, the research directions and important new applications for digital libraries with audio-visual and non-traditional objects, as well as to advance the state of the art in these areas.

Cluster activities

The most important activities foreseen in the workpackage include:

  • Establishing common functionalities and advancing the state of the art in the area of metadata capturing from audiovisual content, including the investigation of issues related to multimodal information extraction, and the use of domain specific, context specific, and historical information in the extraction process.

  • Establishing common foundations and advancing the state of the art in the area of information access and interactions with audio-visual digital libraries exploring multimedia content standards, domain and context specific knowledge, and investigating advanced interactions and interfaces to multimedia content.

  • Establishing common foundations and advancing the state of the art in the area of management of audiovisual content, including new database models and data structures for storage, retrieval, and dissemination of multimedia data in emerging architectures and applications.

Expected results

The expected results of the workpackage include a unified European researchers view on the audiovisual and non-traditional object management in digital libraries, as well as advancement of the state of the art in a number of directions in this field, through common research and development of prototypes, demonstrators, and experimental data sets.

Cluster report in DELOS Newsletter, Issue 1, April 2004
Cluster report in DELOS Newsletter, Issue 2, October 2004

Cluster coordinator

Alberto Del Bimbo
Universitą degli Studi di Firenze

Stavros Christodoulakis
Technical University of Crete

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