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Issue 3 : June 2005
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Contents of Issue 3

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Feature Articles:

Heterogeneity in Digital Libraries: Two Sides of the Same Coin

Georgia Koutrika provides an overview of the challenges facing digital library design caused by the diversity both of data resources and users. She describes how the Information Access and Personalization cluster's user surveys are addressing this difficulty.

Audio/Visual and Non-traditional Objects: Progress and Futures

George Ioannidis provides us with a detailed view not only of A/V-NTO's current work and progress but also of the sort of new research the cluster is anticipating in the next phase of the Joint Programme of Activities. His article looks at research items such as:

In addition there is information on the DEMOS portal for demonstrators and testbeds and material on demonstrators currently available.

Cluster Reports

All issues of the Newsletter will carry reports from clusters operating within the DELOS Network of Excellence. These reports will seek to keep you informed of the developments being made by groups within the cluster and keep you up to date with current interests and the direction in which research and implementation work is proceeding.

The clusters reporting are as follows:

Promoting Knowledge in the Fields of Information Access and Personalization:
Past and Upcoming Events

Georgia Koutrika collates reactions to past events organized by IAP and gives information on events planned for the future.

DELOS 9th Thematic Workshop: Digital Repositories

Rachel Heery provides an overview of the 9th Thematic Workshop on Digital Repositories entitled Interoperability and Common Services.

The latest news from round DELOS

Each issue of the Newsletter will carry the most current news items from the DELOS website. The full listing will grow over time.

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